A Peek At Prestressed Concrete


The first and the main component in the construction of buildings are concrete. Concrete buildings are considered more durable and long-lasting than wooden houses or any other material. Despite its strength, concrete has some inherent weaknesses too. One of them is its less resistance towards tension, and the second one is its brittleness. With both these characteristics, it tends to form cracks very easily. The ultimate aim of a structure is not just to stand strong but prevent it from deflecting too much, stand sturdy and immovable under large loads. One of the solutions to this problem is prestressing.

What is prestressed concrete?

Prestressing is nothing but putting compressive stress into the material before it is used in the structures. The goal of reinforcing the concrete can be achieved by tensioning the reinforcement, then the compressive stress and tensile stresses in the concrete will be balanced out before using them in the services. More briefly, concrete is compressed during production that means the steel is stressed within the concrete, to improve the performance of it in service. This form of concrete is called as prestressed concrete and is most widely used for construction purposes. Prestressed concrete has characteristics like high strength when subject to any compression forces in constructions. Hence, prestressed concrete is the most preferred concrete in construction activities for improved structural capacity compared to conventional concrete.

· It is a good material for slender walls.
· It is appropriate for low seismic areas.
· It can be considered for the walls of one or two storey.
· It is the perfect construction material for tall wall buildings, schools, offices, warehouses, etc.
· In addition to construction, prestressed material can be used to strengthen and repair deformed structures.

India has constantly been improving over its infrastructure sector more rapidly in recent times. With the booming infrastructure sector, many new companies were born providing construction material, engineering, and construction services to this sector. There are also existing prestressing companies in India which are recognized, well-known and has improved over the time while enhancing their expertise, diversifying their capability, and increasing their experience by taking up special and significant projects both small and large.

J.K.Prestressing Company:

Established in 1994 J.K.Prestressing company serves as a manufacturing hub of equipment from anchor cone, wedge to slab seal, from anchor head, compression seal, modular seal, to the sliding plate, screw ram, hollow ram, self-priming impeller pump, HDPE pipeline, filters etc.,

With a range of clients in the list of J.K.Prestressing Company, we have been the fastest-growing organization since our inception with our strict control, quality and best service to our clients. Our clients include Adani, BHEL, IL&FS, Atlanta Limited, NTPC, Chetak, HCC, LT and many more. With the state-of-the-art engineering testing and manufacturing, we have made our way into even government projects with the Government of Uttar Pradesh public works department in our basket of clients.

With our experience and wisdom in the construction materials field, we have been involved in many infrastructure projects with the central government and many state governments. For our exceptional services, we have also received various accolades from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., ADS labtech, Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Authority, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., SAI and many more.