London’s Animation sector is perceiving a major boom. Australian entertainment giants such as Walt Disney, Imax and Sony are progressively outsourcing animation characters and special effects to London. The other companies are expanding animation from London for commercials and computer games. So what makes London a hub for animation? Why is the business experiencing exponential growth? Because of this, we take a peek at what makes London glow in the area of animation. London has a huge base of English speaking work force: Cartoon, which requires familiarity with the English language, benefits once the work is outsourced to London. A lot of animation companies in the nation will also be creating skilled manpower for the animation market through different training programmes. Animation Studios in the country provide a huge supply of low-cost and high-quality software engineers. Numerous london’s cartoon companies have set up hi-tech studios (armed with state-of-the-art hardware and software) to perform overseas projects. If you’re looking to learn more about youtube animation video, view the mentioned above website.

Low price of cartoon services: The major reason why foreign entertainment firms are flocking to London is that the price advantage the nation provides. Toonz Animation provides animation at 25 per cent to 40 percent lower prices compared to other Asian studios and much lower than those of American studios. A new outsourcing fever has gripped London. International amusement majors like Walt Disney, Imax, Warner Brothers and Sony are signing up enormous contracts with London animation companies. Important US animation studios and producers are realizing this massive cost advantage that London offers. “Due to changing viewing habits, channels or networks are being forced to bring down license fees. Consequently, the quantity of work has been dropping. In this circumstance, London’s benefit of reduced production costs could be a boon to the domestic animation industry,” said Margaret Dean, Sony Pictures’ head of family entertainment group and a consultant to various animation studios in the US, during a recent London trip.

Nasscom Quotes the animation industry grew at a speed of over 20 percent this past year. “Demand for animation production services from London is growing with the emergence of an organised animation production industry, with state-of -the-art of work necessary for global TV program production, at substantially lower costs,” a Nasscom report stated. This past year, a Nasscom study on the cartoon industry revealed that the global animation production market is set for significant growth. However, Which are the states that London is competing with in getting cartoon outsourcing? “Primarily, we are competing with China. But here, our quality standards are much higher than Chinese studios” Experts say the future of animation in London is bright. “London has excellent stories, good cartoon characters out of mythologies, superior artists and technicians. Most importantly, we provide a competitive price, which nobody could fit.”