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Your employees are your most critical asset, and your commitment with their welfare is of paramount responsibility. This commitment is particularly so and tested when you send your people abroad for assignments. In the light of events and the SARS outbreak, corporate travel has taken on a new face. Posts involving international travel used to be sought after, but are actually perceived by employees to involve certain risks. For this reason, the job of care and employee safety has are more important than ever for any business sending staff on international assignments. Human resource managers used to believe that hotels could fulfill the requirements of employees, and they were therefore the de facto choice for corporate housing. However, the changing business landscape implies that employees on international assignments are actually faced with various circumstances and expectations. These changes mean they have different needs, which hotels cannot fully respond to. Make a search on the following website, if you are hunting for more details on kensington serviced apartments.

In these circumstances, an organization focused on its employees is tested and challenged. Companies recognize their duty of care towards staff, particularly with the growing difficulty to find visitors to go abroad, they want to take particular care of their people and they lay on home finding, orientation, and immigration services. Hotel rooms still serve an intention in that they’ll appeal to the immediate needs of the company traveler on short-term assignments. However, employees on longer assignments have different needs. When employees stay overseas for long periods, their sense of normality can become aggravated and disturbed. This disturbance may result in physical and emotional stress, which in the future could affect productivity. This commonly happens to those who are far from their families. Human resources in multinational corporations are starting to realize that practical issues such as for example budget constraints are not the sole things they need to take into consideration when sending employees international assignments. In addition they need to take an employee’s personal and emotional needs into account. Ensuring that employees have an excellent work-life balance is fast becoming an essential issue for HR departments.

To greatly help achieve this, many companies now even encourage their staff to take their dependents and partners using them on international assignments, and this is where corporate housing becomes a paramount consideration. The proper accommodation may be the key to achieving a suitable work-life balance to ensure that employees are both happy and productive. Serviced apartments provide a sense of freedom and normality which can’t be made available from hotels. This sense of freedom empowers ex-pat employees to reach a great work-life balance by enabling them to create their particular schedule and take pleasure in the everyday activities in a house at home environment. You will find three major factors as to the reasons serviced apartments are your best option for housing employees on international assignments. Serviced apartments allow people to reside and move around in an environment that is more comparable to a house than the usual hotel. Corporate apartments offer ex-pats the freedom, space, mobility, and privacy to operate just as they’d in their own homes.